If you can’t tell already…I love, love! And I am SUPER excited to bring to you another Real Proposal Story…like SUPER EXCITED! This time we have Sydney based, creative entrepreneur Kady O’ Connell who has so graciously shared with ISaidYesHub in her own words her romantic Bondi beach marriage proposal to fiancé Niall. 

Prepare to cry happy tears…

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How We Met

We met while we were both on a J1 student-holiday visa in Vancouver, Canada. Even though we had both been living in the same city attending the University of Limerick, Ireland, we had never met before! A J1 is something most Irish students do for the summer. You go to America or Canada and do casual work for the summer while exploring the city. I was staying in this giant frat house with about 30 people and he was in another one down the street. We met at one of the parties they had and I remember turning to my friend Becki asking, “who is that guy with the brown eyes?” She then proceeded to stalk him on Facebook and gave me his life story 10 minutes later! Haha!

We went on a few dates that summer but I decided to take a year out of Uni and live in Canada for the year.


When I got home a year later he called me and drove from his home in Waterford (Ireland) to see me and we basically started going out straight away. We were both starting back in Uni a few weeks later and had such a fun year. All of our friends got to know each other and we had the best time together. That was 6 years ago now, since then we have moved to Sydney together and been living here for 4 years.

We also travelled the world together for 7 months last year, going through Asia, Central America and Europe. It was amazing!


Our Proposal Story

It happened about 2 months after we returned to Sydney after 7 months of travelling the world. Everyone always asks me if I knew it was coming and I genuinely had no idea.

Even though I knew we would get married someday, because we had just done such a massive trip we were both broke and just getting settled back into Bondi life, I thought there was no way in a million years it could happen then.


He decided to propose on Valentine’s Day, which was a great move on his part as we usually never do anything on Valentines Day so I was not expecting anything. (The previous year, he bought me a box of chocolates and dental floss lol).

I had started my design business Kady Creative a few months previously so I had been completely immersed in the business and not paying much attention to anything else. I was working all day at a friend’s house thinking we had no plans. Niall collected me on his way home from work and asked if I wanted ‘the good news or the bad news?’ Good news – we had dinner reservations, bad news – they were in 10 minutes!! Thank God, that morning I had just had a full head of highlights and blow dry. My friend Sarah is a hairdresser at Brown Sugar in Coogee and they needed a hair model to practice on. I was only too happy to be the guinea pig! It was such a great coincidence that I thought maybe he had organised it (he hadn’t, he was genuinely giving me 5 minutes to get ready before proposing). Thank God the universe had my back!


We jumped into a cab as we were running late for the reservation when Niall said he got a text from the restaurant saying that the reservation was delayed by half an hour. I thought ‘perfect, let’s get a drink!’. He was adamant we go for a walk on the beach however. As I stepped outside of the taxi, I realised the beach was deserted as it was starting to rain. He took my hand and led me to the beach amid my protests that ‘No chance was I going for a walk in the rain – I just had my hair done!!’

After much persuasion he finally got me to go for a walk on the beach with him. Just as I was about to suggest once again we just go inside the bar for a cocktail, I turned around and he was on one knee. I was completely speechless. I literally could not stop smiling nor say one word. After a few minutes I realised I had to say, “Yes!” One of his friends ran down to the beach just ahead of us with a picnic basket of champagne, strawberries and a cheese board (he knows me well!). I was completely over the moon and could not stop smiling or staring at my beautiful ring. Later we went for the dinner reservation at A Tavola, Bondi, 

I was the happiest girl in the world. I found out later he had asked my Dad’s permission to propose just that morning to which he said, ‘Don’t take no for an answer!’


Kady And Niall’s Proposal at Bondi Beach

Kady & Niall’s engagement party at Coogee Pavillion

Kady’s Engagement Ring

My engagement ring was inspired by something I had seen previously on Instagram. Niall designed it himself with the help of The Diamond Emporium who made the ring. He chose a beautiful Round Brilliant Cut diamond set on yellow gold with a yellow secondary diamond. I absolutely love it as it is so unique and special.

KadyAndNiallMarriageProposal_ISaidYesHub MarriageProposal_ISaidYesHub

Wow such an awesome proposal story from Kady & Niall! We wish you a lifetimes of happiness together, thank you for sharing your story with us.

Image Credit | Kady O’ Connell. Check out Kady’s photography and design company HERE

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