Hi readers it’s Tee, I am super super excited to present to you our first – Featured Marriage Proposal Story on ISaidYesHub! Get the tissues ready for David Acevedo‘s super romantic proposal to Janina Yates which went down at her graduation ceremony just last week.

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How We Met

Janina: We met in Washington, DC. I’m originally from Colorado and had just come back to the US from being abroad for 4 years with the Peace Corps. I was starting grad school, readjusting to life in the U.S., and getting used the whole dating scene again when I met David. David (my now-fiancé) is originally from California and came to DC for a job at George Washington University.  Our first date was adorable, he took me around the National Mall at night, offered to hold my heavy bag, and kissed me in front of the Capitol Building. I’ve been twittered ever since. 

Marriage Proposal Janina And David Marriage Proposal Janina And David Marriage Proposal Janina And David

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Our Proposal Story

I was so overwhelmed with graduation and our families coming into town that nothing else was on my mind (it was also Mother’s Day and both of our mothers were in town!).  At AU (American University’s) commencement ceremony, they usually let you sit anywhere (which was exciting for me, since I have a last name starting with “Y” and am normally at the end of an alphabetical line) I thought I could finally be in the front!  Throughout the time that it took everyone to line up, my friends kept pushing me to the back of the line. I was so perplexed and figured, “oh well, I guess I’ll be in the back anyway”. Before the ceremony started, there was an announcement that said, “Please remain in your seats and take photos after the commencement”. 

When they finally called my name to accept my diploma, I walked onto the stage and saw David out of the corner of my eye. I was perplexed, since I thought he was up there to take pictures or something so in my mind I thought, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET OFF THE STAGE! YOU’RE GOING TO GET US IN TROUBLE!” And the next thing I know, he was kneeling right in front of me, with a gorgeous ring in hand. We both started trembling, tears welled in my eyes and I was speechless. 

After the excitement and thrill of the thunderous applause around us, I finally settled back in my seat and found out that everyone (EVERYONE) had known about what was to happen. My friends were all working together to make sure I was last in line, David had spoken with the faculty at American University MONTHS before the proposal to make sure that it was in good taste, well-planned, and that nobody would be upset by him proposing at the ceremony.  

What is even more special, is that David is more introverted and shy than me.  This grandiose gesture was very bold and special and catered to what I would love 🙂 

Marriage Proposal Janina And David Marriage Proposal Janina And David

Engagement Ring

David proposed to Janina with a beautiful custom made ring by Madelynn Cassin Designs. The stunner is a 14K Rose Gold with an aquamarine pear stone and a matching wedding band in 14k Rose Gold.  The bride to be had this to say about her ring,

David knew I wanted something unique that wasn’t a diamond so he had the ring custom made.

David tells ISaidYesHub why he chose a custom ring design and the process involved in getting it made,

I started by thinking of the things that I knew about Janina, like I know she doesn’t like diamonds. So from the beginning I knew I wouldn’t be looking for a traditional diamond ring. I also knew that she likes more minimal jewelry designs. And, lastly, I knew that she appreciates unique ideas. So, with that, I began googling ring designs and styles. I focused on stone options and petty quickly settled on either aquamarine (her birthstone) or pearl. I knew she liked both and I eventually decided on aquamarine.

Then I came across Madelyn Cassin Designs and thought the rings were beautiful. I saw the pear style with a matching wedding band and i knew it when I saw it. I did get a second opinion from Janina’s cousin, I knew if she didn’t love it then Janina wouldn’t love it. Luckily she gave her stamp of approval.

I reached out on the website, it was pretty simple to use. I sent a request through an online form, described what I wanted, the type of gold and the stone. Asked if she could do it and waited for a response. She got back to me within a day or two and told me it would take a few months to complete and we agreed to move forward.

When I received the ring in the mail I was so worried at how the ring would come out, but when I opened it up I was so happy, though I was still extremely nervous to see what Janina thought. But when I finally proposed and she saw the ring, she was extremely happy with it.

Marriage Proposal Janina And David Marriage Proposal Janina And David

Janina & David’s Proposal Video

We totally love Janina & David’s proposal story! Talk about pulling off the perfect surprise proposal with family & friends in on the big plan! Congratulations to the happy couple

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