Hello loves! It’s been a minute but we have another Real Proposal Story and this super romantic surprise proposal takes place in Rotterdam, The Netherland! We have fab Ghanaian couple, Singer & Lawyer – Louisa Fofie and her fiancé Lloyd who have shared their love story and engagement with us at ISaidYes

How We Met

Louisa: We met through a mutual friend. I was single but wasn’t interested in dating, I was focussed on other things and thought I had no space for a relationship at the time. He asked for my number and my friend was like; “why don’t you open up? I mean.. you have been single forever and it seems like you guys are a match”.

We’re both Ghanaians, we both have the same vision about Ghana. I always said that I will live in Ghana in the future and he had the same mindset.We had a lot in common. So I opened up and he got my number.

Lloyd & Louisa at their knocking ceremony. The Ghanaian tradition when the man goes to bride’s family to officially ask for her hand.

We started talking for a while before we decided to go on a date. We talked about our ambitions, our talents, our families and the role God plays in our lives. I’m a believer so faith is very important to me. He said, that’s what made him fall for me. His exact words were, “you’re an ambitious woman who knows what she wants, you sing like an angel and you’re a Christian… I can’t believe it… I’m blessed”.

For our first date we went picnicking, where we talked so much and later on went for a walk in the woods.

It was love at first sight. We both felt butterflies. And couldn’t stop staring at each other.

Our dates following that were always like that and I loved it. Those forest walks were epic. You get to know so much about each other by just walking and talking.

We had been seeing each other for a while, on this particular day we had made plans to go on a date, when I received a tragic call from my brother, my dad had passed away. I was devastated. My world crashed literally. He was waiting for me to show up for our date, when I called him crying and told him my dad passed away.

It was horrible. Things weren’t going well at all. I didn’t want to eat or drink anything. This amazing man..took care of me in my period of mourning.

Every morning he came to my home, bought groceries, prepared breakfast and made sure I ate something. He would leave me with my family but come back in the afternoon to cook me dinner and comfort me. He literally did this every day, until he felt like she’s getting better.

It was then my love for him grew and I just knew I was blessed.

He always told me that he believed God brought us together and wanted to marry me and make it official but out of respect he had to first ask my family’s permission in the Ghanaian tradition of “knocking ceremony”, which he has done.

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How He Proposed

For our second anniversary, Lloyd planned a nice getaway for us. He told me to pack with me only swimwear and 3 white outfits because we would be taking loads of pictures. I had no idea where we were going. He is so full of surprises and this was just one of many.

We ended up at the Euromast, a Dutch tower in Rotterdam with an epic view, where we had a romantic lunch on top of the building with a view of the Rotterdam skyline. Then we proceeded to dinner at Aqua Asia Restaurant, we had the best seats in the house with a stunning view of the Rotterdam harbor.

It was just a perfect day full of love and fun. Everything I wished for, for our anniversary. After dinner, it was time for the spa! After changing into my swimsuit and throwing on my robe, he suggested we take photos of the view and told me he was going into the room to get a camera, but rather than a camera in his hands he came out with 108 white roses!

I was stunned and amazed. He knows how much I love roses. He told me to count them so I did…there were 108! Then he said, “Babe I love you so much, you are my blessing from above, the women of my dreams”. He then explained why he got the white roses, saying for him they signified, “Spiritual love. Angelic love & New beginnings”

As he said, “Let today be the first day of our forever”, he got down on one knee. Grabbed a box out of his pocket, brought out the ring and said, “the last but most important meaning of the 108 roses…
Will you marry me?”

I cried.. and said YES with all my heart.

As he put the ring on my finger, I was so beyond happy that I started shaking!

He then said, “Oh by the way, this place has no spa, so you can change..lol put your dress back on so I can take your pictures.” It was then I saw my twin sister  was there capturing the entire moment!

Louisa’s Engagement Ring

Louisa’s ring a pear shaped halo diamond ring set in a white gold band. About her engagement bling, she says, “I’m so happy with my ring, I absolutely love it”

We absolutely love Louisa & Lloyd’s love story, he definitely did good with her surprise proposal. We wish both of them a lifetime of happiness and love. 

Image Credit | Louisa Fofie

You can find Louisa on Instagram @louisafofie and on Snapchat: @louisafofie

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